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Nomad 800 handheld computers with the Windows Mobile 6.0 operating system may be upgraded to the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. Below are instructions for how to complete the upgrade process, and details about the benefits of upgrading to Windows Mobile 6.1, which includes updated Nomad firmware.

The Process:

  1. Purchase an OS Upgrade for each Nomad 800 computer to be upgraded.
    • During the Checkout process, on the Special Instructions page, please provide the serial number(s) of the Nomad computer(s) to be upgraded.

    • OR
    • If you are purchasing upgrades for several serial numbers, it may be easier to use the Nomad Upgrade Request form to provide the serial number(s) of the Nomad computer(s) to be upgraded. Use the form after you have completed your purchase, as you will need the Sales Order number.
  2. Trimble MCS will provide the upgrade codes for the serial numbers provided.
  3. After receiving the code(s), go to the Nomad Support Center and download the installation file:
    • Go to the Nomad Support Center
    • Click into "Nomad Downloads"
    • Click into "Nomad 800 series Upgrades (Windows Mobile 6.1)"
    • Download the file, "Nomad Series - Windows Mobile 6.1 - Firmware version 1.2.1 - Language Provisioning"

The Benefits of the Windows Mobile 6.1 Upgrade:

The following features of the Nomad 900 series are also available to all existing Nomad 800 customers that purchase a Windows Mobile 6.1 license and install the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade. Please note that the enhancements to Wi-Fi and GPS are only available on Nomad 800 models equipped with 802.11g wireless and GPS receiver.

  • Adds support for language provisioning on initial configuration
  • Windows Mobile 6.1
    - User Interface "Theme" change
    - Threaded SMS
    - Pocket One-Note and Adobe Reader LE included
    - Task Manager - Monitor and stop applications
    - "Domain Enroll" with enterprise features
    • Security management
    • Device management
    • Security Access
  • Wi-Fi
    - Cisco Compatible Extensions (CCX) v4 ASD
    - Wi-Fi Alliance Certification
    - Extended security options for enterprise networks
    - Seamless transition from one hot spot to another
    - Ability to lock to a hot spot
    - Enterprise configuration management / lockout
  • GPS
    - SiRFInstantFixIITM enables faster Time-to-First-Fix
    - Less time spent acquiring position fix
    - Better accuracy in difficult terrain

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  Nomad 800/800G OS upgrade WM6.0 to WM6.1 B/L/LD/LC/LE Multi-Language  (Part Number UPGAA-102)    
  Nomad 800/800G OS upgrade WM6.0 to WM6.1 X/XC/XE Multi-Language  (Part Number UPGAA-103)    

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