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Optional accessories make Trimble Nomad even more versatile!

Optional accessories make Trimble Nomad even more versatile Whether you need to collect data, upload site photos, communicate with the office, map a specific location or scan bar codes in the field, you can configure the Nomad rugged handheld computer from Trimble to accomplish your specific tasks. With the Nomad's many accessories, you'll experience increased productivity in the field without sacrificing the rugged performance you've come to expect.

  Nomad Accessories

Nomad AA Battery Boot P/N ACCAA-100 $90.00
Nomad Li-Ion Battery P/N ACCAA-101 $95.00
Nomad USB Bottom Boot P/N ACCAA-150 $75.00
Nomad Serial Bottom Boot P/N ACCAA-151 $75.00
Nomad USB Docking Boot P/N ACCAA-156 $95.00
Nomad Extended Cap (900-series) P/N ACCAA-216 $75.00
Nomad Standard Cap (900-series) P/N ACCAA-217 $28.00
Nomad Hand Strap P/N ACCAA-250 $12.00
Nomad Ultra Clear Screen Protector (2 Pack) P/N ACCAA-350 $8.00
  Nomad Anti-Glare Screen Protector (2 Pack) P/N ACCAA-358 $8.00
Nomad Ultra Clear Screen Protector (150 pk) P/N ACCAA-360 $399.00
Nomad USB Data Cable P/N ACCAA-550 $15.00
Nomad Standard Nylon Carry Case Trimble P/N ACCAA-600 $25.00
Nomad Extended Nylon Carry Case Trimble P/N ACCAA-601 $12.50
Nomad, Nomad X Deluxe Carry Case Trimble P/N ACCAA-602 $40.00
Nomad Black Nylon Carry Case P/N ACCAA-607 $29.50
Nomad Spare Battery Charger P/N ACCAA-650 $25.00
Power Adapter, Nomad (International) P/N ACCAA-652 $59.00
Vehicle Charger, Nomad (12 Volt) P/N ACCAA-653 $149.00
Nomad Office Docking Station P/N ACCAA-707 $295.00
Nomad Range Pole Bracket P/N ACCAA-751 $155.00
Nomad, Nomad X RAM Vehicle Mount P/N ACCAA-752 $47.00
Stylus, Nomad P/N ACCAA-800 $20.00
Nomad Stylus Lanyard "Trimble" P/N ACCAA-807 $8.00
UHF Sample Tag Pack P/N RFID-TAG-PACK $99.00


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