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The Trimble® Nomad®1050 series handhelds with GPS are all-in-one field computers for GIS data collection and mobile GIS applications, combining a handheld computer powered by the Windows® Embedded Handheld version 6.5 operating system with a 1-3 meter postprocessed accuracy GPS receiver and huge 8GB Flash storage.


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TerraSync Professional Software with GPS Analyst Software
P/N 56914-00 $2995.00   Each
TerraSync Professional Software with GPS Pathfinder Office Software
P/N 50538-00 $2995.00   Each

  Other Optional Accessories
Nomad 1050 USB Docking Boot
P/N 106721-00 $95.00   Each
Nomad 1050 Serial Bottom Boot
P/N 106720-00 $75.00   Each
Nomad 1050 Office Docking Station
P/N 106734-00 $295.00   Each
Nomad Range Pole bracket
P/N EGL-Z2009 $155.00   Each
Trimble Ranger/Nomad Handheld 12V Vehicle Charger
P/N ST1-Z2003 $149.00   Each
Nomad Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Module
P/N EGL-Z1006 $95.00   Each
Nomad AA Battery Module(KIT TEMPLATE)
P/N EGL-Z1001 $90.00   Each
Nomad Spare battery charger
P/N EGL-Z2012 $50.00   Each
Nomad Serial Boot
P/N EGL-Z1005 $50.00   Each
Nomad X Vehicle Mount
P/N 76597-00 $47.00   Each
Trimble Nomad Deluxe Carry Case - Grey
P/N 76921-00 $40.00   Each
Trimble Nomad Nylon carry case - standard
P/N EGL-Z2003 $25.00   Each

  Replacement Parts
Trimble Ranger/Nomad Handheld AC Charger
P/N ST1-Z2001 $59.00   Each
Nomad USB Boot
P/N EGL-Z1004 $50.00   Each
Stylus Pen (Nomad/Yuma)
P/N EGL-Z2013 $20.00   Each
USB Data Cable (Kit Template)
P/N EGL-Z2001 $15.00   Each
Nomad Hand strap
P/N EGL-Z1007 $12.00   Each
3.5" Clear Touch Screen Protector, 2 pack
P/N 70956-00 $8.00   Each



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American Red Cross Uses Trimble Technology and RDMS to Speed Hurricane Disaster Relief

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